Floor Sanding

We have more than 17 years in the business sanding, coating and enhancing floors for house proud New Zealanders. Let us work our magic for you!


Floor sanding is a great way to bring your property back to it’s former glory but there are many more benefits than just the stylish look of freshly sanded and coated floors

  • Adds life to your floors
  • Timber floors add value to your property
  • Timber flooring lasts longer than carpet, vinyl, tiles, and other laminate floorings
  • Minimise allergies
  • Easy to maintain and dust-free
  • Avoid carpet stains – great for rental properties
  • Simple re-coats make your floors look refreshed and new again

Our Floorsanding process

  1. Existing floor covering such as carpet and vinyl are removed
  2. Preparing the floor for sanding by removing, filing and punching in nails, tacks or foreign objects.
  3. We begin floor sanding, we start with a rougher sandpaper to take off the top layer then move to finer grit sandpapers to leave a smooth, level surface.
  4. Once the floors have been brought back to a tidy, level surface we stain or coat the floors depending on the desired look. We use a range of products including natural oils, tinted stains and water borne poly finishes. Don’t worry, if you’re unsure of the best look for your property we can guide you with samples of our previous work for inspiration.

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